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5 Reasons the Yankees Will Make It To Game 7

Mood Music: An Eric Clapton cover of Bob Dylan's It's Not Dark Yet (But It's Getting There).

1. CC Sabathia- He couldn't located the strike zone after too much rest before Game 1.  Expect big things from the big man tonight.

2. Phil Hughes- Let me introduce you to a 24 year old stud who pitched 175 innings of 1.25 WHIP and 7.5 K/9.  He's got a shutdown game in him.

3. Robinson Cano- He's been unstoppable, but because of the futility of the 3-4 hitters, he's only hit solo shots in the ALCS.  Maybe the silver lining of Mark Teixeira's injury will be moving the Yankees' best hitter into the 3 spot.

4. Derek Jeter- Yeah, he's got the intangibles and the experience.  But he's also been leading the Yankee offense the last couple games.

5. Mariano Rivera- He hasn't pitched since Game 1, but he's still there in the bullpen.  Get him the ball.

It ain't over till it's over.