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A Thought on the Weekend and the Yankees' Playoffs

The Yankees have a chance to win the division this weekend and secure home field advantage through the ALCS because Bruce Chen can shut out the Rays on 2 hits (the Rays have been no hit this season by the illustrious duo of Dallas Braden and Edwin Jackson, and have delivered three 1-hit and now three 2 hit performances, and the Yanks' offense has problems?).

Will Joe Girardi manage that way?

His lineup yesterday featured Lance Berkman batting 8th.  He looked like he was going for it, there.

The pitchers all had a night off last night.  There are two full days to rest and plan between the season finale on Sunday and the playoffs openings, so I see no reason to hold anyone back.  Use the A team of relievers in Game 1, and then deal with Game 2 when it happens.

Go for it.