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An Interesting Night At The Ballpark

Update: 5:40 PM: Forgot about the guy that ran onto the field. Sadly, that wasn't me, as I was ready to jump onto the field, Free tackled me and ran on himself. The funny part was we chanted "tase him! tase him!" Anyway, I am not in jail. Sorry everyone!

Well, that was a dissapointing outcome. I know this is late, but I promised a post about my experience at ALCS game 3. Here it is!

6:45 PM: Arrived at McDonald's, ordered a hot dog outside, fries from McDonald's and sat down with some nice fellow Yankees fans.

7:25 PM: Arrived inside Yankee Stadium, it was practically empty.

7:45 PM: The bar go-ers enter the stadium, which is now packed. Teams were announced, flags unveiled.

7:55 PM: Chants of "Freddy! Freddy!" broke out in the stadium, and it was very loud. Very nice to see.

8:07 PM: Gametime.

8:12(ish) PM: Home run Josh Hamilton...uh-oh.

8:30 PM: Fans with the seats behind me arrived at stadium, immediately consumed mass amounts of alcohol, and cursed out the entire Rangers team in swift fashion.

8:31 PM: My father asks if we can switch seats, I oblige, which I normally would not, but the people behind us were horrendous human beings. (Not just for the cursing)

8:40 PM: New seats are right behind homeplate in the 400's. Rangers fans find their seats next to ours. Uhoh.

9:00 PM-11 PM(ish): Shutdown time for Lee.

11:00 PM(ish)-11:15 PM(ish): As the Rangers scored, and scored, and scored, the fans sitting near me got popcorn thrown at them and they did some weird punching and slapping motions at each other. It looked like two girls fighting. No problems here, maybe that's how they like it in Texas.

11:16(ish) PM: 95% of Yankees fans left the ballpark. I sit there disgusted at my fellow fans.

End of Game: Pretty self explanatory. Nothing good came out of the end, just bitter dissapointment.


Andy Pettitte got the loudest pregame ovation, with Mariano Rivera a close second. The fans gave Chad Moeller a good ol' sarcastic cheer, and Sergio Mitre had to deal with being the player after Mo. Francisco Cervelli got a loud ovation. El Duque, Tino, and Paul O'Neill were shown on the big screen, as well as Jay-Z, to thunderous applause. The Freddy chants were for lack of a better word inspiring. 

The usual Yankee Stadium sounds, such as the siren, or the videos, that are meant to pump you up were not shown. The Stadium crew did not make an effort to get the crowd going. Dissapointing.