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R.I.P. Freddy 'Sez'

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For as long as I can remember I have gone to Yankees games and seen Freddy walking around with his pan and allowing young fans to hit it with the spoon. I remember hearing the noise and my father saying "what is that awful noise" and me responding "that's the sound of hope for the Yankees."

That's what Freddy represented. Freddy always had hopeful signs, even after the Yankees were eliminated in 2008 he had hopeful signs preaching to stay psyched and enjoy the games.

Freddy is possibly the biggest Yankees fan I've ever had the privledge of meeting, and also interviewing. When I interviewed him he seemed more grateful for the experience than I was.

Freddy was quite simply Mr. Yankee. The Hall of Fame took note of it, Yogi Berra took note of it, both asking for items for their museums.

Freddy's been the closest thing to a member of the Yankees franchise, and in all honesty I believe if he wasn't he should have been provided with free tickets. (Not sure on that one)

Anyway, R.I.P. Freddy Schuman The tradition will go in Yankees history.

Out of respect, please, keep comments to about Freddy, what he meant to you, etc. This is not a place for open thread/football talk.