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Who Is Your Favorite Yankee Re-Tread

Derek shows Marcus the Claw.
Derek shows Marcus the Claw.

Remember that poll we ran, way back when, where we asked when Marcus Thames would be released?

266 of you (38%) correctly thought he would stay on the team all season, but 268 (38%) thought he'd be released during the second half. Another 163 (23%) didn't think he'd make it to June. The other one percent of you are FreeBradshaw and claimed to think all 3 things simultaneously while, in reality, only thinking about the paradoxical relationship of the universe to a bowl of petunias and a sperm whale.

Now in fairness, that's when Joe Girardi was still trotting Marcus out to left field to miss catches, overthrow cutoff men and generally take playing time away from Brett Gardner.

Joe has gotten a lot smarter about deploying his resources, and I think we've all become much more accepting of Marcus now that his flaws are adequately hidden.

So let's try a more Marcus friendly poll!