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ALCS Game 1 Reading Material: Ways To Kill Some Time

I know you are all anxious for first pitch tonight. By the way, while it is pouring here in New York it is a beautiful day in Texas, and temperatures should be around 60 degrees with no chance of rain this evening. So, let's go Yankees!

To pass some time, I have saved you the trouble of scouring the Inter-Google for great Yankees-Rangers reading material. It's right here. Let's have a look.

  • We all know folks around other parts of the country don't exactly love the Yankees, or those of us who root for them. Give this writer credit for having a sense of humor about how to deal with us, though.
  • Forget all the analysis. This might be the best thing I have read leading up to tonight's game.
  • Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News says the Yankees can only wonder what might have been if they had been able to complete a Cliff Lee trade. Forget that, Mark. How about the Yankees just go out, kick butt, win the World Series. Then, sign Lee in the offseason and do it again next year.
  • The New York Post doesn't have to remind us that the postseason is always about Mariano Rivera for the Yankees, but they are doing it anyway.
  • Neftali Feliz the next Rivera? The 22-year-old Texas closer has had a great start to his career, but I thought the New York Times was way too smart to make that comparison. Apparently not.
  • CC Sabathia hopes lengthy wait for tonight's start does not make him too strong.
  • says the Kerry Wood, Austin Kearns should thank the Indians for shipping them to the Yankees. Well, I will thank them, too, for shipping us a tremendous set-up man and a quality fourth outfielder.
  • Big League Stew points out that the payroll disparity between the Yankees and Rangers is the biggest ever between two playoff teams. Oh, man, I can hear the whining already if the Yankees advance to the World Series.
  • Steve Politi opines that Robinson Cano will soon be the 'Face of the Yankees.' Well, that makes sense since he is already their best player.
  • The Rangers say past failures have no bearing on this series. They probably believe it, too. Just like the Minnesota Twins said they did.