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MLB: Business, Job, Or Love?

A friend of mine asked me a very intriguing question. For MLB, is the game of baseball mostly a business, job, or love? You can't pick them all, only one, Which is it?

This is a very tough question, considering none of us here have ever been involved with professional baseball. We'd all like to think that players play for the love of the game, but can anyone honestly say that they think every player wants to be playing baseball?

It is quite likely that 95% of the players love playing the game of baseball. Maybe less, maybe more, I'm definitely not an expert on this. Still, love is a strong word. To say that they play more for love than for making money and having a daily living is a big thing to say.

People like Scott Boras would insist it's a business. People go to their jobs to make money, and if they love their jobs, it's just an added bonus. I don't disagree with this at all, but which is more so the reason for why players go out on the field every game? For love of the game or for making money?

How about baseball being a job. This isn't specifically about players, and people like Brian Cashman likely can't hit a home run, or even hit a ball out of the infield. (Just a guess.) For him, it's not for the love of the game, it's for the business aspect. Trading players, money, and making sure his team is in the best position to win. That's not only a business, but also a job for him.

What do you think? For the overall MLB, everyone involved in MLB, is baseball mostly a business, a job, or a love for them?