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PA by the numbers

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Thanks to the awesome development staff here at SB Nation we have some numbers to share with you about 2009 here at Pinstripe Alley.

  • 2,914 members joined in 2009, bringing us to 3,895 total.
  • There were 96,360 comments (can't believe we couldn't get to 100,000. Gotta do better, people!)
  • There were 1,185 posts (I think Brandon is going to reach that mark all by himself in 2010!)
  • There were 956 FanPosts and 395 Fanshots.

The most active commenter? You probably guessed it already, but it was 'Free Bradshaw' with 9,043. By the way, 'Free' also led Big Blue View with 5,200 comments. 'Free' baby, I think you need a blog of your own. Or a more challenging job.

Read on for more details on the 2009 numbers.

Most Active Commenters

User Count
FreeBradshaw 9043
nyyrocks29 5125
lololol 2870
waw 2535
jscape2000 2471
YankeesJets 2390
noonoo 2368
long time listener 2266
HappyLuckyGoldenDragonNumber1! 2254
NYYWinsRings26 1737

Sorry, 'Free' there is no award for being the most opinionated person around here. Other than our gratitude for keeping many discussions going.

Most Stories

User Count
Travis G 398
Ed Valentine 367
jscape2000 303
CrazyYankeeChick 84
Brandon C. 13
John Amato 10
3460kuri 7
Ronster22 3

Something tells me none of us stands a chance of matching our new man Brandon when we total these numbers at the end of 2010. Hasn't he written like 300 posts just this week?