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Today's Hall of Fame Game

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Brandon's FanShot selecting only 5 players for the Hall of Fame is fascinating- we have to really distill what we want a perfect ball player to look like.

I settled on a ballot of Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Greg Maddux.  Which means that I couldn't vote for Hank Aaron or Ty Cobb or Lou Gehrig or Joe Morgan or any of the obviously deserving players.

But I was looking through my movies last night, and I saw Field of Dreams.  So I started thinking.

Two teams with a player from each position.

C Johnny Bench v Yogi Berra
1B Lou Gehrig v Hank Greenberg
2B Joe Morgan v Rogers Hornsby
3B Mike Schmidt v Wade Boggs
SS Hornus Wagner v Alex Rodriguez
LF Ty Cobb v Stan Musial
CF Mickey Mantle v Joe DiMaggio
RF Hank Aaron v Babe Ruth
P Walter Johnson v Greg Maddux

Apologies to Willie Mays, Rickey Henderson, Jimmy Foxx, Josh Gibson, Bill Dickey, and Tris Speaker.

I'd pay $50 to sit in the bleachers and watch that game.