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New York Yankees notes: About the YES booth

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The New York Post has reported that David Cone has officially left the YES Network broadcast team.

Loved listening to Cone, but we have known for a while he is gone.

So, quick question. Who is your favorite YES announcer? Who you do without?

Personally, I love Paul O'Neill, especially when he is picking on Michael Kay. I wish the Yankees could get him to do more games. John Flaherty is also an honest, informative listen. I can do without Al Leiter.

  • Jon Heyman lists the top 10 remaining free agents. On top of that list, of course, is Johnny Damon. I know many of you are still holding out hope that Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman will somehow scrape up enough cash to bring Damon back to the Bronx. Jane Heller from 'Confessions of a She Fan' has expressed your feelings quite nicely.

    "While it's all well and good for the Yankees GM to say that HE doesn't need a left-handed bat for the outfield, what about us fans? Has he stopped to ask us what WE need?

    "Free agents are dropping like flies. Even Eric Hinske has a new team. Did we really spend every last dime on Nick Johnson? Is there nothing left in the vault for Damon? Can't Hal and Hank chip in a few million from their trust funds?"
  • Buster Olney reported Wednesday that the Yankees appear to be out of the running for Cuban left-hander Aroldis Chapman. I am OK with that since most reports indicate money spent on Chapman is a huge gamble.
  • UmpBump has a look at the top 10 shortstops of all time. Two of the guys on their list are currently Yankees, and Alex Rodriguez is actually ranked higher than Derek Jeter.