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Possible Free Agent Targets

Chad Jennings spoke to Brian Cashman last night and got some pretty good information out of him. In the interview he gathered some pretty good information that could help shape the future of the Yankees offseason. Here are some players that the Yankees should consider:

1. Fernando Tatis-INF- Tatis could provide a utility option off the bench that can also play first base. If the Yankees want they can have him compete with Juan Miranda in spring training for a spot on the bench.

2. Miguel Cairo-INF- The Yankees should not consider Cairo to be on the MLB roster out of spring training. They should tell him he has a shot to make the team and have him mentor the young utility options. After that send him to AAA where he could get some at bats and possibly even be called up in September as a defensive player off the bench.

3. Mark Loretta-INF- See Miguel Cairo explanation.

4. Jerry Hairston Jr.-INF/OF-If the Yankees want a true option to make the MLB squad as a utility player then they should consider Hairston Jr. Solid player.

5. Nick Green-INF- See Miguel Cairo and Mark Loretta, minus about five-seven years of age.

6. Alfredo Amezaga OF- Speedy utility player is loved by Joe Girardi.

7. Johnny Damon-OF- The obvious player on this list. If Damon could be signed for a one-year deal they should certainly consider it. The question is if Damon, the possible best player left on the market, would accept a one-year deal worth less than $10 Million.

8. Jonny Gomes-OF- Solid bat and a solid player. The problem with Gomes is his fielding, which would also be the main problem with Damon.

9. Xavier Nady-OF- When healthy Nady is a very good player to have on your team. The question is if he is healthy or not.

10.  Jim Thome-DH- Thome probably won't accept the same role he had with the Dodgers last season, but if he did the Yankees should jump on that opportunity.

11. Jose Arredondo- RP- Flame-throwing former set-up man for the Angels that had Tommy-John Surgery. Yankees could get a pretty big steal with Arredondo.

12. Kiko Calero-RP- Had a pretty great season last year in Florida. Questionable if he could repeat that with the Yankees.

13. Octavio Dotel-RP- Funny story, my friend is actually related to Dotel, so I would like him to sign with the Yankees (free tickets!) Could be a good option in relief.

14. Ron Mahay-RP- Lefty-reliever has been coveted by the Yankees in the past. Yankees could use another lefty.

15. Ken Takahashi-RP- Could even be a starter if necessary, another lefty option.

Remember this is who the Yankees should consider in my opinion, not necessarily who they will. Thoughts?