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New York Yankee notes: A-Rod's story isn't finished yet

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How will we remember Alex Rodriguez? Brandon asked this thought-provoking question Monday, so I will begin today's Yankee notebook with my take on that.

Simply, I think it is way too early to answer the question. In fact, it is way too early to even ask it.

We are only heading into the third season of A-Rod's 10-year contract with our New York Yankees. Rodriguez isn't going anywhere, so we have at least eight more seasons worth of evidence to gather before we decide how we will remember him when he is gone.

Originally, I was going to say Rodriguez' career is like a novel in which we have pretty much only reached the middle of the story. I am not sure that is correct, though.

I really think life with A-Rod is like a book filled with short stories. Each chapter is completely different, one bearing little or no similarity to what preceded it. Where we sit today, I think we have no way of predicting what the stories all add up to when they are all finally written.

This is Alex Rodriguez, though. So, the one thing we do know is that each and every one of the stories will be worth reading.

Other than A-Rod, there are just a couple of newsworthy items to mention this morning.

  • Chien-Ming Wang's agent says the Yankees are one of 15 teams who have inquired about the right-hander. Somehow, it would not shock me if CMW ended up back with the Yankees.
  • NoMaas makes the case that the Yankees' acquisition of Javier Vazquez is the biggest upgrade made by any team so far this off-season.
  • At LoHud, Chad Jennings offers his thoughts on the Yankee bullpen candidates.
  • If you dare to read it, iYankees offers a graphical look at Nick Johnson's injury history.