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Recapping the Red Sox

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The Boston Red Sox agreed to a one year deal with an option for a second year with Adrian Beltre last night. Later last night, we also heard from Jerry Crasnick of ESPN that the Red Sox are considering trading Mike Lowell to the Mets for Luis Castillo. The obvious question is: where would all of these newly acquired players play?

So far this offseason the Red Sox have acquired the following players: Tim Wakefield, Jeremy Hermida, Marco Scutaro, John Lackey, Mike Cameron, and Adrian Beltre.

Lets say the Red Sox don't trade Lowell for Castillo. Where would Lowell play? Would Mike Lowell really accept a possible benching? How about the outfield? Is Jeremy Hermida going to end up as a fourth-outfielder?

What if the Red Sox do acquire Castillo? Then what? Castillo certainly won't want to play off the bench, either, and it is pretty obvious that he won't be playing 2nd base in Boston, as that position is currently held by Dustin Pedroia.

The Red Sox have re-shaped their offense this offseason. Take a look at the opening day line-ups:


1. Ellsbury CF

2. Pedroia 2B

3. Ortiz DH

4. Youkillis 1B

5. Drew RF

6. Bay LF

7. Lowell 3B

8. Lowrie SS

9. Varitek C


1. Ellsbury CF

2. Pedroia 2B

3. Martinez C

4. Youkillis 1B

5. Ortiz DH

6. Beltre 3B

7. Drew RF

8. Cameron LF

9. Scutaro SS

The line-up is certainly improved. The pitching looks to be improved with the addition of John Lackey. While the Yankees are still the favorites in the AL East and the AL overall, the Red Sox are a close second.