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How Will We Remember A-Rod?

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Alex Rodriguez had a very interesting 2009 year. With steroids, Kate Hudson, press conferences, hips, doctors, and admissions, he had possibly the most interesting year of his career. Now that we are in 2010, it is a fresh start for Rodriguez How will we remember Alex Rodriguez as of now, though? Not in 5 or 10 years....not in 15-20....but in 60 or 70 years? Will we remember that he used steroids? Will he liken him to Barry Bonds or Hank Aaron? Will we even remember that he had an infamous cousin? Barry Bonds will certainly be brought up when someone mentions the steroid era in 60-70 years. Alex Rodriguez? Maybe. Rodriguez made sure that his whole steroid saga was put to sleep immediately. He admitted it. He explained it. He offered reasons why he did it and why people shouldn't do it. Is that enough to just plain forget about it? Honestly, I think we will forget that he did steroids in 60-70 years. Maybe not all together, but certainly to the point where it is a minor foot-note in an amazing career. Is that fair? Probably not. Is that what will happen? Probably. How about you guys? How will you remember A-Rod in 60-70 years? Vote on it in the poll.