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Yankees Notes: Winn, Damon, Projections

Let's check out what has been said around Yankee Universe lately:

-Bronx Baseball Daily talks to a couple of Giants bloggers about Randy Winn.

-Josh Alper argues that the Yankees are definitely Brian Cashman's team now.

-Pecota is predicting that the Yankees will come in 3rd place this season.

-TYU has the transcript and the video from Brian Cashman's appearance on the YES Hot Stove Show.

-Jim Edmonds has signed with the Brewers, but Rocco Baldelli is still available.

-Apparently the Yankees are still somewhat interested in Baldelli, as well as Marcus Thames, and Johnny Gomes.

-The Brandon Laird situation has apparently worsened.

-We are planning an interview for Frankie Piliere (minor-league guru) so if you have any questions send them to the official PA e-mail address!