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Where's the Weakness?

What weaknesses do the Yankees actually have?

The Yankees lineup currently looks like this:

1. Jeter SS

2. Johnson DH

3. Teixeira 1B

4. Rodriguez 3B

5. Granderson CF

6. Posada C

7. Cano 2B

8. Swisher RF

9. Gardner/Winn LF

The rotation looks like this:

1. Sabathia

2. Burnett

3. Pettitte

4. Vazquez

5. Hughes/Chamberlain

The bullpen has many candidates trying out for a few spots. It can be upgraded but doesn't necessarily need to be.

The only weakness that I was able to find was the bench. The amazing Francisco Cervelli has the backup catcher position all to himself. The young group of utility infielders will fight for that spot. Winn is a solid player off the bench and the last spot will likely go to Jamie Hoffmann or Juan Miranda.

The Yankees are, and should be, considering signing one of Rocco Baldelli, Johnny Gomes, or Marcus Thames. That player would be signed to a minor-league deal and compete with Hoffmann and Miranda.

The utility spot is OK for now, but if the four candidates turn out to struggle in spring training, the Yankees may want to look for a more experienced player.

Ed Price recently tweeted this:

Would you trade Damon, Matsui, Melky, Coke for Granderson, Javy Vazquez, Nick Johnson, Winn?

 Would you?

After thinking about it I decided that yes, I would make that trade. Javier Vazquez was a necessary upgrade that filled a glaring weakness. No matter what other players were involved the Yankees needed him.

So, the only weakness with the current Yankees MAY be the bench. Otherwise it seems they are set and ready to compete for the repeat.