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Randy Winn vs Joe G.

The switch hitting CF hit , a marked falloff from 2008 when he hit .

He went .292/.354/.397 against righties, .158/.184/.200 against lefties. He posted a .314 BABIP, even though his LD% was 22.3%, and we would have expected a .340 BABIP, right in line with his numbers from the last few years.

He struggled especially at home in spacious AT&T Park (.225/.289/.296) and in the second half (.243/.314/.298).

Our manager has shown a willingness to look at numbers, to consider the splits and play the matchups. In the playoffs, most would argue, he did this to a fault. I don't want to quibble over the this pitch or that pitch numbers, because in the course of the season, playing the matchups will win more games than trusting the veterans and running out the same lineup each day.

I also don't care how you would deploy our outfielders, at least not today.

How do you think Joe Girardi will use Randy Winn- a plus defensive player with a Jerry Hairston level bat and the range and arm to play all three outfield spots?