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How the Yankees Outplayed Scott Boras

The title tells it all. Scott Boras tried to trap the Yankees into signing Johnny Damon and they wouldn't budge. Boras had Xavier Nady sign with the Chicago Cubs, thinking that the Yankees wouldn't go with Randy Winn, Reed Johnson, or any other 4th outfielder type as another outfielder. Well, Scott, you were completely wrong.

The Yankees signed Randy Winn yesterday to a one year $2 Million deal. Later on the Mike Francesca show, Joe Girardi confirmed the signing and wished Johnny Damon luck. He is going to need it. The options right now seem to be the newly interested Rays and Reds, the Oakland A's, and a few other teams. Will any of those teams truly pay Johnny? Probably not. The most Damon can get now is probably $5 million in a one year contract, unless some mystery team comes in and pays him.

We can't say for certain if Boras messed up yet, but he was certainly outplayed by the Yankees. He played the waiting game, as did the Yankees, and the Yankees won.

Few other notes:

-My opinion on the Randy Winn signing will change over time, as I need to talk to sources and people who understand complex stats more, but as of now it is an iffy move. Winn has declined horribly over the last year, but if 2009 was a fluke year, the Yankees got one hell of a 4th outfielder.

-Although Winn was horrible against lefties last season (.158) I wouldn't be too worried. His career # (.280) is much better.

-Winn very well could be nothing more than a 4th outfielder that plays one out of every 4-5 games in left. If Gardner struggles he could take over the left-field job.

-Like I predicted from the beginning, Johnny Damon will not be a Yankee in 2010. My current prediction? Oakland A's. Stay tuned.

-Winn will likely need a number change, as he wears the #2. For some reason I do not think he will get that # from Derek Jeter.