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Hypothetical Question: Which Offer would you Take?

Here's the scenario before I ask the actual question:

You are 35, and a member of the San Diego Padres (randomly chosen NL team to delete bias) You are coming off one of your best seasons and you are a free agent. You have received many offers from many different teams. Important notes: You have never won a World Series, you only want to play until you are 40, and you have only gotten mediocre payments in the past (ex: 2 year 10 mil or 3 year 15 mil)

Knowing all this, which of these offers do you accept? (Remember this is hypothetical)

St. Louis Cardinals: (hypothetical best team in the MLB) 1 year, $5 million

Atlanta Braves (hypothetical midlle of the pack team in MLB) 2 year $14 Million

San Diego Padres (hypothetical team you played your entire career with, not very good team) 2 year $12 Million

Kansas City Royals (hypothetical worst team in MLB) 3 years, $27 Million

Which of these offers do you accept? Knowing that the Cardinals are a very possible World Series candidate and you do not have a ring. The Braves are a possible playoff team and they offer a good salary. The Royals offer is by far the best, but you will likely not win a ring for the three years while there. The Padres offer is not only average, but also they are not very good. You have played your whole career there, though.


*The teams chosen were picked randomly and I made sure not to use the Yankees or their rivals so you would not be biased*

This question is solely to get an idea of how the average baseball fan thinks. Is it all about money? Winning? Personal Accolades? Playing your entire career with one team?

UPDATE: 10:20 AM: Wow, this is really close! Just to clear things up the Cardinals are like the current Yankees, the Braves are like the current Twins or Rockies. The Padres you played your whole career with, but they aren't very good, and the Royals are like the current Pirates.