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Boras burning the Damon bridge

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If Johnny Damon ends up being something other than a New York Yankee in 2010, place the blame squarely on Scott Boras. The uber-agent appears to be doing his best to burn the rickety bridge of hope that might still exist between the Yankees and the free-agent outfielder no one seems to want.

As recently as a couple of days ago, there was renewed dialogue between Damon, Boras and the Yankees in which the Yankees made one last attempt to have a good Yankee remain a Yankee.

"Tell us your bottom line for what you're willing to play for," they said, "and if it's in the realm of where our budget needs to be we can go to ownership (Hal Steinbrenner) and see if something can be worked out." But instead of giving them a number, Boras came back with more of his patented "mystery team" hogwash, claiming he had a couple of other offers they were still considering.

Jon Heyman of SI reported the other day that the Yankees had set a 'Damon Deadline.' The Yankees quickly denied that.

I am inclined to believe the Yankees on this one. Heyman has a reputation as being a Boras mouthpiece -- so gut instinct tells me the 'Damon Deadline' is a line of bull Boras fed to Heyman. And that Heyman eagerly swallowed to get a 'scoop.'