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Pinstripe Alley Q&A

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OK, everyone, here's some news for you! We will be doing a Q&A inbox type thing here at Pinstripe Alley! Just simply email us your questions at the official email address of Pinstripe Alley ( OR tweet the question at us on twitter. (@pinstripealley) When you ask your question there are a few options.

1. You may ask for a specific PA writer to answer your question.

2. If the person you direct your question to does not know the answer, he/she may pass it on to someone who does know.

3. You do not have to direct your questions at a specific person.

4. Not all questions will be answered, but we will try to get to as many as possible.

5. All questions must be submitted by the latest 1/28. If there aren't enough questions/there are too many questions we will either end/extend the question asking period.

OK, so that's it....if you have any questions about this comment or e-mail one of us. Ask away!