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Predictions (so far)

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Recently Dayn Perry of Fox Sports came up with some predictions for the 2010 season. Here are some of my own predictions:

1. Yankees repeat as World Champs, defeat the San Francisco Giants in 5 games. Yes, the Giants. With a front two of Lincecum and Cain, an improved Jonathan Sanchez, and the always interesting Barry Zito the Giants could be a surprise team out of the NL. If the Giants don't make it, the next prediction would be the Phillies.

2. Yankees, White Sox, Mariners, and Red Sox make the playoffs out of the AL. In the NL? Phillies, Cardinals, Giants, Cubs make the playoffs in the NL.

3. Bobby Cox finishes seven wins shy of 2,500 wins. (Braves win 81 games in 2010)

4. Freddie Gonzalez, Bud Black, Cito Gaston, and Bob Geren all are fired during the season.

5. Cliff Lee outpitches Roy Halladay, makes the Mariners look even smarter.

6. Albert Pujols wins ANOTHER MVP award.

7. Mark McGwire turns out to be a great hitting coach.

8. Yankees predictions? Javier Vazquez becomes a solid 2nd starter. A.J. Burnett battles injuries and ineffectiveness and becomes the 4th starter. Andy Pettitte wins 15 games. Curtis Granderson raises his batting average to .283 (yes .283), hits 28 home runs. Alex Rodriguez hits 40+ home runs.

9. How about the Mets? Mets finish an even 81-81.

10. Wang? Wang becomes a solid 3rd starter for the St. Louis Cardinals. Wang doesn't regain his old form, but pitches well enough to be a solid MLB starter.

11. Damon? Damon signs with a team other than the Yankees. The contract? One year, $4 million guaranteed, tons of incentives.

12. Ivan Nova, Zach McAllister, Kevin Whelan, Romulo Sanchez, Wilkin De La Rosa, and Kevin Russo all make their MLB debut, among a few others.

I didn't go into too much detail into any of my predictions, so if you have ANY questions feel free to ask.