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No Sheets, Rotation Set(ish)

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Brian Hoch,

The Yankees did have some discussions about Sheets last month, but that fizzled when it appeared that there wouldn't be all that much of a discount. Several reports have said that Sheets is looking for between $8 million and $12 million annually, which is more than New York can fit into its budget. The Yanks were not expected to be among the teams attending Sheets' workout on Tuesday in Louisiana.

It's not really a surprise at this point, Sheets wants to start and he wants a pretty high salary (enough to bring back Damon or make other moves).

The Yanks will go to battle with CC, AJ, Andy and Javy at the top of the rotation, backed by Hughes, Joba, Gaudin, Mitre, McAllister and other minor leaguers.

What I realized today is that for the first time in a long time, I'm really pleased with the starting rotation.  The Yankees have 4 starters who realistically project to throw 200 innings each.

The last time that happened was 2003, the only time in the '95-'07 playoff run that happened.