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David DeJesus in Pinstripes?

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Over the last couple of days I have seriously pondered the idea of David DeJesus coming to the Bronx to take over in left field. Granted, the Yankees would have to acquire DeJesus in a trade from the Kansas City Royals. Just as I began thinking of it, I noticed this piece on whether or not the Yankees should trade for the Brooklyn native. I reached out to both Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star and Will McDonald of our own SB Nation Royals Blog, Royals Review. Here are the questions and answers from the interviews:

 1. Is David DeJesus available?

Bob Dutton: David DeJesus is available. But the Royals are not in a
salary-dump mode (unless you count outfielder Jose Guillen) and -- right or
wrong -- do not see themselves in need of tearing everything down to start
fresh. So this has to be a deal that makes baseball sense from their

Will McDonald: My sense is that he is and has been for awhile. Then again, Dayton Moore has been fairly aggressive as a GM, and DeJesus hasn't been traded yet, so there's room for a number of possibilities

2. What kind of prospect would it take to get DeJesus?

BD: The Royals would likely want a young position player capable of stepping
immediately into their lineup. We're talking about a real prospect here  --
not some marginal backup from the Yankees' bench, even if that backup
represents an improvement on what they currently possess. My guess is the
Yankees (and, probably everyone else) will find this price to be too high.

WM: I would say "middle-high", although I'm not sure Moore is looking for another prospect. He might be looking for another big league regular. He might be mostly looking to dump salary. DeJesus is an interesting trade chip, because he's an under-rated player. And I would extend that to the Royals themselves. Dayton Moore inherited DeJesus, really one of the team's better players, and he's been looking to replace him since Day One, when he acquired Joey Gathright in his first big trade. DeJesus didn't fit Moore's vision of a CF, which was a fast basestealer who could hit leadoff and hit a magical .300. DeJesus is a .280 hitter with moderate power and good patience, but he's not in the Gathright mold. Of course, he's a much better player, which hasn't mattered much. Again, I'm speculating here, but I think the Royals want to trade DeJesus because he's moderately well-paid ($4.6 M in '10, $6M in '11) and because they think he's not good enough.

So given that, I don't think the Royals would require a lot to trade him.

3. What needs to the Royals have prospect-wise (do they need a good
pitching/hitting/position prospect?)

BD: The current emphasis is to acquire players with speed and defensive

WM: The Royals are starting to stockpile arms in the minors, and they have some interesting position-player prospects in the low minors. What they really need is a more advanced position-player who is close to contributing.

If this is really the case, I do not want the Yankees to trade for DeJesus. The .286 career hitter is not worth a prospect such as Brett Gardner and an additional prospect. Maybe if the Royals would accept one of the Yankees many infield prospects (off of the 40-man) and a AAA starter like Ivan Nova, or George Kontos (if they are willing to take an injured player) that can get it done, but do the Yankees really want to do that? Substitute Nova or Kontos with Sergio Mitre and I would certainly do the trade, but I doubt the Royals would. Thoughts?

*Thanks to Bob Dutton and Will McDonald, once again*