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New York Yankee notes: Baseball will get here, eventually

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It is snowing as I look outside my window this morning. So, what to do? Look around the Inter-Google for some stories about my New York Yankees, that's what.

  • Here is a quick note from LoHud's Chad Jennings that should warm your baseball-loving heart just a bit. Yankee reliever David Robertson told Jennings "it's time to start throwing." Which means, of course, Spring Training is not that far off.
  • Pinstriped Bible did a little historical research and found out that way back in 1924 the Yankees almost lost Lou Gehrig to a waiver claim. History, of course, would be a lot different if that had happened.
  • NoMaas notes that the CHONE Projections see a very good season ahead for ex-Yankee Melky Cabrera. Some of you guys will kill me for this, but I am not a guy who puts any stock in these projections at all. There are just too many variables.
  • Xavier Nady, still a possibility for the Yankees left field platoon, is apparently drawing some interest from the Chicago Cubs. Does anyone else get the feeling that Yankee GM Brian Cashman is just sitting back, letting everyone else pick up whoever they want among the right-hand hitting outfielders, and that he will pretty much just haul in the last man standing?
  • Buster Olney says the 2010 Yankees have the best chance or repeating as champions of any team since the dynasty Yankees of the late 1990s. Olney, probably correctly, says that the biggest thing that could derail the Yankees is advancing age.
  • Jon Heyman of ranks the top 10 off-season performances. He puts the Mariners and Red Sox at the top of the list, and the Yankees at No. 6. I have one quibble, The Mariners did a lot of good things, but they also stupidly brought in Milton Bradley. The guess here is that, in the end, that undoes a lot of the good things they have accomplished. With Bradley, it always ends badly.
  • Dayn Perry of FOX Sports lists the top 10 free agents for next off-season. There is one player I would to have in pinstripes in 2011, and it is not Joe Mauer. Although that would be nice. The guy I want? Carl Crawford. How nice would he look patrolling left field and hitting in the No. 2 slot in the lineup?
  • The Detroit Tigers believe ex-Yankee prospect Austin Jackson has a bright future. Not everyone agrees, however. Jackson's development will, indeed, be interesting to watch.
  • ESPN's Tim Kurkjian has an excellent look at some of baseball's trickiest rules. By the way, did you know that there are 2.6 million possible outcomes in baseball once a pitcher releases the ball? I had no idea.