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One Final Thought on Left Field

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Sorry about the personal lack of posting lately, been really busy. Anyway, I was just looking at some stats of Johnny Damon's and Brett Gardner's and saw something very interesting.

Here are Johnny Damon's stats in his first full season in the MLB (with the Royals)


Here are Brett Gardner's:


Sure, Damon got more home-runs (by 3) and more RBI's (50-23), but that was in 37 more games played.

Overall, Damon is obviously the better player, but can't we all give Gardner a chance? I know I am repeating previous posts, but this stat I felt was important.

Other thoughts:

-The Yankees should work hard and try to acquire a lefty-reliever. Yes, they do have Damaso Marte, Royce Ring and Boone Logan, but if a better option is available, why not?

-The more I read about it, the more I think Rocco Baldelli would be a great option for the Yankees.

-Don't buy into the whole "Yankees need a hitter that can hit lefties in left-field" idea. Gardner hit .291 vs. lefties compared to .264 against righties in 2009.

-Can't wait to see the list of non-roster invitees. Hopefully the Yankees will have a veteran infielder, another lefty-reliever, a few relief options, and a good power hitting first base option. (Shelley Duncan type player)

-Looking forward to seeing what the current invitees are capable of. Seems the Yankees have already gotten some pretty good players.

-If the Yankees are planning on keeping Joba and Hughes as starters they should consider getting a stop gap option such as Russ Springer, or Kiko Calero. If not they should keep both in the rotation and hope Zach McAllister, Ivan Nova, and Romulo Sanchez develop well.

-Not sure if anyone really cares but I am a HUGE The Who fan. Can't wait for the Super Bowl!

-Question: Name one retired Yankee that does not have his number retired, that should have it retired. Doesn't have to be only one, but it's an interesting topic. If you answer either Hideki Irabu you are at the risk of being banned from the website. Kidding....or am I?