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New York Yankees notes: Yes, there are a few

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For baseball fans, January is dragging on. Spring Training can't start soon enough. There isn't much news in Yankee-land, but there are a few stories worth mentioning. So, here goes.

  • TheYankeeU has a breakdown comparing the defenses of the Yankees and Red Sox. On paper, Boston is clearly better in this area.
  • River Avenue Blues found an ESPN story showing that Derek Jeter might be the second-best shortstop of all time.
  • Aroldis Chapman ending up in Cincinnati has to be described as a surprise. A big reason for it? Both the Yankees and Red Sox viewed Chapman as a luxury who would not get an immediate big-league opportunity.
  • Ken Rosenthal of FOX tweeted speculation that Jerry Hairston Jr. might be on the Mets radar as a short-term replacement for Carlos Beltran.