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New York Yankee notes: Wine-tasting?

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Just a few quick New York Yankee notes this morning.

  • Yankee Stadium is hosting a wine-tasting event. Football, maybe. Boxing. maybe. But, wine-tasting? That's not an event I expected to read about at the Stadium.
  • TheYankeeU points to some research by FanGraphs showing that Brett Gardner has the best 'speed score' in the big leagues in 2009. I am a Gardner fan, and I have to believe that if he gets 100 or so starts in 2010 he will help the Yankees more often than he hurts them.
  • New York Baseball Digest wonders if Major League Baseball is behind the Yankees apparent interest in sticking to a budget.
  • The great Joe Posnanski used Win Shares to help determine the best players in baseball for every five-year period from 1970 forward. There are no Yankees -- not even Don Mattingly -- on Posnanski's list