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With This Lineup, I Could Play Left Field...

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But then the Yanks would be assured of defeat.

I mentioned this article in the comments of another post a couple days ago, and it took some time to re-locate the article.  Remember that NY lotto commercial a few years back, where the guy wins and buys a minor league team so he can play third base?

Camden Crazies runs the numbers.  Assuming I could put up a .000/.050/.000 line (I'll get hit with a ball eventually), I'd be worth around negative 150 runs over a full season.  For a DH, that's about 15 wins Below replacement level.

But, I watched how Johnny Damon played left field last season.  Since I'm obviously not wasting any time in the batting cages, I'll bet that if I spend 7-8 hours per day shagging fly balls that I could be a league average left fielder (it is the easiest position on the diamond).  I bet that raises my value -13 WARP3.

Which is still so bad it would basically negate the production of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.  Seems it'd be easier and cheaper to just cut the three of us and go back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, I'll bat myself 8th so we don't have 2 righties in a row, and Granderson's speed in front of Jeter should be an asset. 

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