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New York Yankee notes: It's all about Johnny

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At this point in the New York Yankees off-season, the discussion always comes back to left field. And that means back to Johnny Damon.

LoHud's Sam Borden asked The Johnny Question Monday.

In a conversation with Chad last week, Brian Cashman indicated that the ship has sailed on Damon returning to the Yankees. That follows with what we’ve heard from Scott Boras, too, and obviously the two sides had different valuations on Damon earlier this offseason. But could a reunion still happen?

They key, it would seem, is what Damon is willing to accept in terms of a pay cut. He said this weekend that he understands he’s probably going to lose some salary in his next deal, but could he stomach going from the $13 million he made last year to the $6 million or so it seems that the Yankees believe he’s worth? Sure, most of us would look at it and say ‘it’s still $6 million!’ but how would you feel if you had to take a 50 percent pay cut? The Yankees might (understandably) have concerns about the emotional/mental impact on Damon if he comes back with any frustration about how the negotiations went down.

It will be interesting. Damon back to the Yankees still seems a remote possibility, but it would fit the MO Cashman has established in recent seasons. Wait out the market until the last minute, then grab the player once the market -- and the price -- are clearly established.

Here are a few other Yankee notes as the off-season continues to drag sloooooowly toward Spring Training.