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Don't Let McGwire in

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The headline tells it all. (well, most of it) Mark McGwire, tears, admissions, and all, should not be allowed into the Hall of Fame. Period. End of story. Final. Goodnight. Ok, not goodnight, let me explain myself. Did Babe Ruth use steroids? How about Roger Maris? Did Lou Gehrig cheat? No. People who cheated the game cheated everyone who have ever played the game. That simple. I can go on and on about how I hate the fact that these players don't truly respect the game and the people who played it and the history, but does anyone really want to read an essay? It comes down to this. The current Hall of Fame has very few cheaters. If we let the players who cheated from the steroid era in that number will skyrocket. Do you want that? Vote!