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First Roster Preview of 2010

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Happy New Years! 2010 should bring an intruiging season in the Bronx, as the Yankees look to repeat as world champs. Which players will get to be a part of the 2010 opening day roster? Here are my predictions:

C- Jorge Posada, Francisco Cervelli

1B- Mark Teixeira, Juan Miranda

2B- Robinson Cano

3B- Alex Rodriguez

SS- Derek Jeter, Ramiro Pena

OF- Brett Gardner, Reed Johnson, Curtis Granderson, Nick Swisher

DH- Nick Johnson

SP- CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Andy Pettitte, Javier Vazquez, Phil Hughes

RP- Chad Gaudin, Damaso Marte, Alfredo Aceves, Romulo Sanchez, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, Mariano Rivera

Explanation after the jump ---->

Yes, I know some of these players are surprising.

Let me explain each individually.

JUAN MIRANDA: I chose Miranda because he is the closest thing the Yankees have to a power hitter off the bench. Can I see the Yankees re-signing Hinske or signing someone like Jim Thome (not sure if he would accept a pinch-hitter role) or someone like Jerry Hairston Jr. even? Yes. For now, though I have Miranda. Also, look for Eduardo Nunez  to compete with Miranda. Sure, Nunez is horrible at defense, but he hit tons of home-runs in Trenton this past season.

RAMIRO PENA: Wins the job over the rest of the 40-man infielders. Look for Kevin Russo to give him some tough competition.

REED JOHNSON: Replaces Jamie Hoffmann on my roster. I think the Yankees sign Johnson and let Hoffmann go in spring training.

ROMULO SANCHEZ: You may be asking why the Yankees would take Sanchez over players with much more big league experience, especially with the Yankees. The Yankees once did that with Jon Albaladejo, who would be competing for a job with Sanchez, Mark Melancon, and others. Sanchez regularly pitches in the middle 90's and got better and better as the 2009 season went on. Look for him to make a big impression in spring training. Sanchez does have big league experience with the Pittsburgh Pirates, of whom he was traded from for Eric Hacker in 2009.

One lefty-reliever: Maybe if Zach Kroenke is returned he makes the roster, but AZ Snakepit has him making the Diamondbacks roster. I just can't see Boone Logan making the Yankees roster.

Anyone I'm forgetting? Thoughts?