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Game 136: Back in the Saddle

I dwell on things. It's a fact of my life, I live with it, I make no excuses for it.

So the day game after a night game is the best way for me to handle a weekend loss. We lose, I spend a couple hours kicking around the apartment grumbling, go to sleep, get up, make breakfast, and by then the pre-game is about to come on.

Cause let's face it, last night was about as ugly as it could get.

Doc Halladay is a good Hall of Fame pitcher. As I told my girlfriend in the 8th inning, if he had pitched for the Yankees, Red Sox or Angels all these years he'd probably have won the Cy Young Award in 2002 (19-7, 239 IP, 1.19WHIP and he didn't get a vote!), 2006, and 2008.

It was ugly because in about the second inning I started saying, maybe Aceves or Mitre should be the 4th starter in the playoffs (if they need a fourth starter). By the bottom of the third, I was sure: We're hurting the kid, we should either let him work in the pen or shut him down. There's just not enough life on his fastball (Pete A. would later confirm it- only 4 swing and miss for Joba).

See how much I need a day game?

I get very nervous during perfect game/ no-hit bids, and Andy was nearly perfect his last time out. Look at Mark Buerhle since his perfect game. Randy Johnson posted a 104 ERA+ since his perfect game. Cone won 12 more games in his career after his perfecto.

The Texan has a tall task in front of him- he's got to stay hot, or panic is going to set in during the happiest time in the Yankee Universe in recent memory.

His opponent, Brett Cecil, has been less than perfect lately. In his last 4 starts, he's finished the 5th only once. He's allowed 18 ER in 17IP over that span with 35 baserunners against 51 outs.

The Yanks still have a 5 game lead for best record in baseball, and a 7 game lead for the division.

Today's magic number is 21.