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Game 135: Boy vs Roy, Boiler vs Spoiler

The Joba Rules may be more rigid and honored than the Marine Code of Conduct. I like structure. But I'm still getting used to the 6-pitcher games that accommodate these rules. After being held to 35 pitches in his last start, tonight Joba Chamberlain (8-4, 4.38) faces Roy "HOW much did he want?!" Halladay (13-8, 3.13). I don't know how this PC limit works: wouldn't your arm/throws being subconsciously adjusted if you know you're being pulled in 3 innings?

A somewhat odd lineup accompanies this unconventional pitching system. Jeter out. Damon batting 1st. Hinske in 2 spot. Ramiro Pena back in the fray at SS.

Eh, they know what they're doing. The Yankees try for 8th straight W, the Blue Jays try to avoid their 5th straight L. Doc historically throws a pretty solid game against New York, (16-6, 2.94) but that was before O-9-Line stepped into the picture. The Yankees are batting .317 and averaging 8.1 runs during their current winning streak, and last night they tied a record for the most batters on a team with 20 HRs to their credit.

Besides, Toronto is just in the mix to rile things up. I'm sure Halladay was thrilled about this ringing endorsement. It just goes to show you what an odd season it's been. (I feel like I'm constantly looking at the paper's box scores with my head cocked, thinking, "I don't...understand." How do the Blue Jays struggle like this? How are all the margins this big between 1st and 2nd place teams? How does Sergio Mitre pitch a 1-hitter, how does Seattle have the best ERA, and how do the Angels let up more runs than all but 3 AL teams? It's just all very confusing.)

What I do know is that in kickboxing/self-defense classes, they teach you that you don't do anything once you stop attacking. You do nothing because you never stop attacking. Let's go, Yanks.


New York Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays

09/04/09 7:07 PM EDT

New York Yankees Toronto Blue Jays
Johnny Damon - LF Marco Scutaro - SS
Eric Hinske - RF Aaron Hill - 2B
Mark Teixeira - 1B Adam Lind - DH
Alex Rodriguez - 3B Kevin Millar - 1B
Hideki Matsui - DH Vernon Wells - CF
Jorge Posada - C Rod Barajas - C
Robinson Cano - 2B Travis Snider - RF
Melky Cabrera - CF Joe Inglett - LF
Ramiro Pena - SS John McDonald - 3B