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New house is feeling more like home

Remember those April days when everyone thought the new Yankee Stadium would end up setting a new record for home runs allowed? Well, those days are just a memory, and this morning the New York Daily News examined the Stadium home run issue.

Their conclusion? In the end it was much ado about nothing.

As our 'Yankee Stadium Home Run Tracker' below indicates, the Stadium is nowhere close to becoming Coors Field.

Yankee Stadium Home Run Tracker

Games Played: 80
Home Runs Hit: 235
Pace: 238
Stadium Record:
303, Coors Field, 1999
Tuesday Homers: Yankees -- Swisher, Teixeira

Ed's take: Amazing how the pace of home runs has continued to drop steadily as the season has progressed.

(See them all)

(thru 9/29/09)

Per the Daily News, Yankee officials don't seem inclined to make any changes to the Stadium dimensions.

In addition to home runs, many of the initial complaints about the Stadium seem to have subsided as people have gotten used to the new house. In fact, one new addition, the 'cafe style seating,' being added in time for the playoffs, is turning out to be a huge hit.

I still don't like how obscured from view Monument Park is. Or the moat. Or the obstructed seating in the bleachers. Or a few other things. I have come to realize, though, that there is only one real change the new house needs.

A 2009 World Series championship banner.

Your thoughts?