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Bold Prediction Update

Update: I wrote this before Robbie beat the Royals last night.

Last year, I picked Mike Mussina to have a great year.  He did.

Back on March 6th, I picked Robbie Cano to have a break out season.  I looked at his abnormally low BABIP against his high line drive rate, and I predicted he'd hit .325/.375/.500.

2009: .321/.352/.518.

His slugging is phenomenal (17th in the league, and the highest ranked up the middle player not named Joe Mauer).

He came up short on the OBP, which I figured would go back up towards his 2007 career high 5.9%.  After posting a 4.2% in 2008 and a nearly identical 4.3% this season, it looks like 2007 was the outlier.

There's been a lot of attention given to his terrible hitting with RISP, and while he might have been putting extra pressure on himself early, for it to stay this low some bad luck has been involved too.  Just like Edwin Jackson of the Tigers out performed his peripherals and now is coming back to earth, we have more to look forward to from Robbie in the playoffs.