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Now what?

The division is wrapped up, as is the best record in the league (and homefield advantage). Is there anything to play for in the last week of the season?

Let's go over the story lines:

  • The bullpen: outside of a few locks, who will make it? The locks are Mo, Hughes, Aceves and Coke (Robertson if he's healthy). Gaudin has a good shot because he's versatile. Bruney made a strong case today with 1.2 perfect innings. Marte has been terrible, but don't discount the need managers feel for lefties.
  • Will Joba start or a relieve? He had a solid game on Friday against Boston. If the Yanks pick the longer LDS series, Joba could be moved to the pen for it. But then, if the Yanks advance, does it screw him up if/when he goes back to starting?
  • Who should start Game #2? Do you want to throw back-to-back lefties, or switch them up with Burnett?
  • The long or short series? Perhaps the Yanks want the shorter series if it means having to face Justin Verlander only twice instead of thrice.
  • Gardner vs. Melky: the debate will continue. Melky's got power and an arm. Gardy's got speed and defense. Perhaps Girardi will just make the easy choice and platoon them (Melky vs. LHP, Gardner vs. RHP).
  • The rest of the roster: Freddy Guzman has an outside shot, and perhaps better than that if Gardy becomes the starting CFer, filling the PR/LIDR spot. Will Jerry Hairston be healthy enough to play in October? If not, who takes hit spot? Ramiro Pena, another pitcher?