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Is it time to worry about the Yankees?

Are you worried about the New York Yankees yet? Not about making the playoffs. The magic number for that is one, and with a five-game lead over Boston with 11 to play the division title should be secure.

The Yankees, though, are 4-6 in their last 10 games and look like a team staggering into October. Boston is 8-2 and looking like they are getting stronger.

In fact, some in Red Sox Nation are suggesting the Sox are in better shape than the Yankees.

Normally, a five-game lead for the Yankees with two weeks to play would be a reason to put the champagne on ice and wrap the clubhouse in plastic.

But not this year.

Not when the Red Sox are turning into the fastest car in the world, and the Yankees can only count on two starting pitchers to deliver quality outings.

Not when the Red Sox have enough arms to stock a gun show, and the Yankees bullpen has more holes than a pair of seven-year-old sweat socks.

Not when the Red Sox are sweeping the Orioles, and the pinstripes are losing series to the Birds.

And not when the Red Sox look revived, and the Yankees look out of sync.

Times have changed. The Red Sox have turned the tables.

The Yankees are no longer the team that’s guaranteed to step on the gas in September and charge into October as the team to beat. And the Red Sox are no longer the team that’s guaranteed to suffer monumental defeats and spend all winter wondering what went wrong.

So, you tell me. Should we worry about the way the Yankees are playing? Or, are they just on cruise control waiting for October?