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Yanks 10, M's 1: Insert Your Own Fister Pun


It's all about the verb.

11 baserunners in 4 innings means the division magic number is 9, best record is 10.

CC Sabathia earned his 18th win of the season in his usual way: 7 innings, 1 run, 4 hits, 2 BB.  I've got a story on the burner examining the average start for the playoff team, and you'll see how hard it is for Sabathia to look incredible because his average is just so good.  He's got the second best WHIP in the league (sorry Greinke, I just don't see a Royal Cy).

Mark Teixeira hit his 3rd triple of the season.  Oh yeah, he belted a pair of homers, too. 

Johnny Damon made Tex look good by posting another 3 hit game.

Don't look now, but Bruney and Albaladejo pitched scoreless innings.  Girardi is juggling the postseason roster as we speak, and the thought of that brings on my agita.

Unrelated thought: It's a hard thing for me to watch the Tigers-Twins series. The less Verlander in my life the better, but the better the Twins do, the more inevitable Joe Mauer's MVP looks.