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What Really Matters

9/16 Chad Gaudin

9/18 AJ Burnett

9/19 CC Sabathia

9/20 Joba Chamberlain

9/21 Andy Pettitte

A hot streak right now could solve all the Yankees' problems.  Joba and Andy, I'm looking at you. 

This is a rotation and an offense that can go a long time without suffering a loss, but the offense hasn't been as relentless lately, and a few cracks have been exposed in the Yanks' armor.  The MSM is going to make a lot of noise about the return of Dice-K and the Sox "juggernaut," but that's because they have to draw ratings and readers for the last 3 weeks of the season.  Pay attention to the man behind the curtain, because it's really up to the Yankees to determine their fates.

11 wins in October.