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Beat writers bash Posada after brawl

OK, so I bailed on the game early and missed the festivities. Seems the Yankees and Blue Jays just could not wait to bring boxing to the Bronx.

Here are a few takes on Fight Night in the Bronx from around the Inter-Google. Seems like most of the Yankee beat writers are critical of Jorge Posada for getting involved in the whole mess.

Peter Abraham:

Jesse Carlson is a two-bit middle reliever on a fourth-place team, a 28-year-old guy who has been with four organizations. No matter where he stands or what he says or anything else, Jorge Posada needs to avoid confrontation. Give Carlson a dirty look. Don’t give MLB a reason to suspend you.

Mark Feinsand:

Jorge Posada can say whatever he wants, he is 100 percent responsible for the bench-clearing brawl that took place between the Yankees and Blue Jays on Tuesday night.

He ought to know better.

I know Posada is a fiery player whose heart and passion have made him the inspirational leader of this team for several years, but as a veteran who has been through it all, he should have recognized that a brawl was the last thing the Yankees needed with less than three weeks to go before the playoffs.

The Yankees got lucky that nobody was seriously injured during the fracas.

Tyler Kepner:

If the manager is the most seriously injured Yankee, that is a relief for the team. As much as Posada helps with his passion and fire, on Tuesday he put his teammates at risk. C.C. Sabathia or Joba Chamberlain could have wound up like the Red Sox’ Bill Lee in 1976, emerging from the melee with a separated shoulder.

Manager Joe Girardi's reaction? He wasn't too happy with the whole event.

"We’ve already had a discussion," he said. "I told them there is a lot at stake here and we can’t afford to get anyone hurt or lose anyone or get people suspended. We can’t do that."

As I said, I did not see the fracas. I have to agree, though, with the sentiment that this was a stupid thing for Posada and the Yankees to get involved. They had everything to lose and nothing to gain.