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The Most Dynamic Yankee Postseason Roster of the Decade

Whom would you take?

1. SP CC Sabathia (should pitch every 4th day unless the Yanks are up 2-0 or 3-0
2. SP AJ Burnett
3. SP Andy Pettitte (I'd be ok with starting him second, but I think Girardi will split the lefties and righties)
4. SP Joba Chamberlain (will his performance last night finally end the talk of Mitre starting?)
5. RP Mariano Rivera
6. RP Phil Hughes
7. RP Phil Coke
8. RP David Robertson
9. RP Alfredo Aceves
10. RP Sergio Mitre (long man)
11. RP Damaso Marte (or whomever, I'm not picky cause this guy only pitches if something goes wrong)
12. C Jorge Posada
13. 1B Mark Teixeira (best hitter acquisition since Paul O'Neill?)
14. 2B Robinson Cano
15. 3B Alex Rodriguez
16. SS Derek Jeter (MVP)
17. LF Johnny Damon
18. CF Brett Gardner (I love GGBG's speed, but I can't reduce him to pinch running)
19. RF Nick Swisher
20. DH Hideki Matsui (it's awesome that AL managers haven't figured out that he kills lefties)
21. Bench Jose Molina
22. Bench Melky Cabrera
23. Bench Jerry Hairston Jr
24. Bench Eric Hinske (I can hardly believe I wrote that; you could put on Cervelli in place of Xavier Nady)
25. Bench Freddy Guzman (in place of Chien Ming Wang)

4 starters I like better than Randy Johnson or Jaret Wright or the 44 year old Roger Clemens.

A bullpen as good as any since the 3-peat, possibly better.

A lineup with a blend of speed and power (and featuring some pretty savvy though slow runners in Tex and Matsui).

A bench with some guys who can pinch run and some guys who can play defense.