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Game 144: Salvage

The Yankees haven't been swept in the Bronx by the Orioles since 1986.

The Yankees haven't been swept in the Bronx by anybody since dropping back to back two game sets to Boston and Tampa way back on May 4-7.

The Yankees haven't been swept since July 10-12.

When the Yankees were last swept, they dropped 3 games back of the Red Sox (who had the best pitching rotation in baseball, pffft).

Today, Boston remains 6 games back, and the Angels are 4 back for best record in baseball.

So I'm putting a certain amount of pressure on CC Sabathia. This is the sort of game he's paid for- to stop losing streaks. He (and his teammates) have done a phenomenal job of that this year: the Yanks have had one 5 game skid (those two short sets in May plus a loss to the Angels) and one 4 game skid (in April, 3 to the Sox and 1 to the Tigers).

He's going against Jeremy Guthrie, who had been as bad as all the Orioles' pitchers, but at least he's not a rookie. He's been hot (4 straight starts of 6+ innings), but the Yankees have tagged him for 13 runs in 25 innings.

Expect Melky (.450/.450/.900 in 20PA) and Swisher (.500/.550/1.125 in 20PA) in the lineup against Guthrie.