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Bad AJ! Bad!

There are days that I think AJ just wasn't well trained.

He doesn't really know what good and bad are, and so the Yankees need to spend some effort trying to teach him how to behave.  I keep waiting to see Girardi bring AJ a treat in between inning, or Jorge run to the mound with a squirt bottle of water and spray AJ on the nose after a 4 pitch walk.

I understand the critics and I understand the defenders.

It's not like he walked 7 the way he usually does.  AJ kept it around the plate.  It was just one bad inning. 

But it was one really bad inning.

At least it happened with Molina behind the plate.  Feel free to use this post as your "He's a frickin' moron! -He's a lousy catcher! -The entire pitching staff hates him because he doesn't know how to call a game" open thread.

At least Mr. Matusz will give hope to all my friends who are Orioles fans- in a couple of years (if Angelos doesn't get involved) Baltimore might just have a pitching staff.

Boston at Tampa later tonight- let's see if the Yanks can back down their magic number.