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Yankees 5, Red Sox 2: The Lost Son of Havana

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Tomorrow on ESPN:

Written and directed by documentary filmmaker Jonathan Hock, "The Lost Son" begins with a shot of the 67-year-old Mr. Tiant puffing on a cigar and examining an old black-and-white photo of his father, Luis Tiant Sr., a baseball great in his own right who pitched in America’s Negro League in the 1930s and ’40s.

Wait, I'm sorry... what?

You mean there was a baseball game tonight?

You say, a tense pitchers' duel between two southpaws, Boston's rising star and New York's veteran.  Really?

Both pitchers pitched 7 innings of brilliant baseball, and each allowed 5 hits.  Lester walked none and struck out 7, while Pettitte walked two and struck out 4.

Lester, however, gave up the first run of the game on a no-doubter to left by Alex Rodriguez in the 7th.

Meanwhile, Pettitte carried the Red Sox's scoreless streak to 31 innings (I believe I heard the longest for Boston since 1952).  Phil Coke was not as sharp, allowing Boston a brief lead on a two run homer by Victor Martinez.  I was wondering where Phil Hughes was in that situation, after Coke retired Ellsbury, Hughes should have faced the righty Pedroia and turned around the switch hitting Martinez.

But the ghosts are out in New Yankee Stadium: with two out in the 8th, Johnny Damon tied the game with a solo shot, and then Mark Teixeira followed with a solo of his own.  Both players sent balls into that right field jet stream, but the Yankees weren't done there.  Arod walked, Posada doubled, and then Swisher singled (after arguing that the first pitch grazed his jersey).  Arod and Posada scored, setting the stage for Mariano Rivera to stare down the bottom half of the Red Sox lineup.

JD Drew started the top of the 9th with a single, but Lowell flew out to right.  Jason Varitek fouled off several of Mo's two-strike pitches before striking out on a low inside cutter.  Mariano's 2 out showdown against the pinch hitting Superman Supplementman Ortiz was anti-climatic- Mariano issued his 7th walk of the season.  But Jacoby Ellsbury couldn't handle the cutter inside, broke his bat, and his weak dribbler was gobbled up by Tex.

4 in a row from Boston in August.  A 6 game lead for the division in the loss column.  How sweat.  Icing on the cake: since Texas won, the Red Sox are only tied for the Wild Card lead.

Enjoy your night because it's been a beautiful week.