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The Johnny Damon Question

Most people in the press and in the blogosphere have written Hideki Matsui's pinstriped swan song.  He'll be 36 years old next season, and he has only been the DH in the 77 games he's started.  He was limited to pinch hitting throughout inter-league play.

Johnny Damon, on the other hand, has enjoyed such a resurgence in New Yankee Stadium that he has created a question where before the season his $13M spot in the budget seemed destined for other pockets.

Take a look at the potential 2010 free agent position players, courtesy of Cot's.

Some highlights:

Nick Johnson, Mark DeRosa, Chone Figgins, Bobby Abreu, Rick Ankiel, Johnny Damon.

What player on that list gives the Yankees the most flexibility and the most value?  

Johnson seems to always be hurt, DeRosa has more value in the NL, and Figgins has lost a step in the field and on the base paths.  Abreu seems happy in LA, while Ankiel might be foolish to leave the protection of Tony LaRussa's steroid enabling clubhouse.

So, the 13 million dollar question: Is Johnny Damon, professional DH and 4th outfielder, the best choice for the Yankees?  How many years would you be willing to go; one, one and an option, two years?