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Game 110: Wait, Wait; There's More?

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Assured of the split, the Yankees are playing with house money today, and they're in good position, too.

After last night's marathon, the Yankees' bullpen is in comparably good shape.

Hughes threw only 5 pitches, and Rivera should be available for an inning after throwing 16. So those two could lock down whatever CC Sabathia can't finish.

Sabathia is coming off a mediocre start- he couldn't retire a batter in the 8th and allowed 5 earned on 10 hits but no BB. That's the value of an ace; even his poor starts are above average. Still, he needs to hold the Red Sox in check for at least 6.

I'm not sure if the Yanks should make a move to bring up a fresher pitcher; I'd see how this game goes first, but bear in mind that there's no off day this week.

The Red Sox are more likely to make a move. Papelbon will be available (16 pitches yesterday), as should Daniel Bard (18 pitches), but everyone else threw 22 or more. I'd probably send down Tazawa, which sucks for the rookie, but that's baseball.

Clay Bucholtz has been less than good. Still just 24, he's in the midst of a second consecutive season with an ERA over 6. His WHIP is over 2. He's walked 11 batters in 19 innings. Is he Kei Igawa in disguise?

  • On a side note, I'm pretty sure 1016 comments is a regular season record in my 4 years at Pinstripe Alley, so thanks to everyone for playing along.