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Updates from Ty Kepner

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One of the best Yankee writers out there has updates on Gaudin, Gardner and Sano:

Last Friday, on the day of the nonwaiver trading deadline, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman tried to trade for the right-hander Chad Gaudin. But San Diego was making a complicated deal with the Chicago White Sox involving Jake Peavy, and moving Gaudin was not a priority.

When Gaudin cleared waivers this week, Cashman revisited the idea. On Thursday, he acquired Gaudin for a player to be named or cash, adding another arm to the bullpen and another option for the fifth spot in the rotation.

"We feel he's got a good arm, and he can help us out of the bullpen or be insurance for the rotation," Cashman said while the Yankees played the Red Sox. "He'll be a choice for us. He's stretched out, so we can use him as a long man or a starter."

The good news on Gaudin is that he's only 26, and already has a lot of experience. Would he be better than Mitre? I believe so.

Gardner -

Gardner still cannot throw or hit, and he does not expect to have another X-ray until early next week.

"It's kind of frustrating," Gardner said. "But at least it's not something wrong with my leg or my ankle. I'm keeping my legs in shape, and you can still lift and do shoulder exercises. Just got to sit back, relax and be patient."

Gardner said he hoped to be back by the Yankees' next series with the Red Sox, in Boston on Aug. 21-23, but he would not know a timetable until the next X-ray.

I thought we'd miss Gardner, but Melky has more than made up for his absence. However, Melky won't hit this well the rest of the year (.990 OPS since GGBG's injury), so getting Gardner back is important.

Sano -

Miguel Angel Sano, a top shortstop prospect in the Dominican Republic, has played in games at the Yankees' Dominican academy the last two days. The Yankees are among several teams interested in signing Sano, who could command more than $3 million and has already undergone DNA and bone-scan testing by Major League Baseball to prove his identity and age.

Why not just sign Sano? The Yanks have the money and never get high draft picks, so ink him. It's better than spending $3 million on some middling reliever or a BUC.