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Can Joba Finish the Season as a Starter? (Part 2)

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3460kuri's excellent FanPost got the wheels turning on another crazy idea.

The Yankees pushed Joba Chamberlain back a day to start the first of four in the Bronx against Boston.

Obviously, the main reason is to throw a better pitcher than Sergio Mitre against the Red Sox, but part of the thinking could be to give Joba a chance to finish the season in the rotation.

He's thrown 110 innings, which leaves me to believe that he has about 40 innings remaining before his cap.  I assume that once he hits the postseason the gloves come off.  Let's also assume he'll average 6 innings per start the rest of the way.  That gives him roughly 7 starts over the next two months.

Here's how to do it:

1. August 6th against Boston.

2. August 11th against Toronto.

3. August 16th against Seattle.

4.  Use the off-day on the 20th to skip Mitre's spot in the rotation heading into the 3 game set in Fenway.  Let Joba start on the 21st.

5.  This time, use the off day on the 24th to skip Joba.  Mitre starts the 26th against Texas and lines up for Baltimiore on September 1st.  Bring AJ and CC back on their regular rest so that Joba starts the 29th against the White Sox.

6.  I'll use a spot starter in Baltimore to skip Joba again.  Pick whichever matchup you feel most favors the Yanks, and let the other starters continue through the rotation on normal rest.  Joba starts September 7th as part of the double header against the Rays.

7. Joba's final tune-up headed into the playoffs comes against the Orioles on the 13th.  Of course, depending on how much he's thrown and the state of the race, the Yanks could use the off-day on the 10th to skip this start all together.  I wonder if that would be too long a lay-off, though.

This way, Joba never really has more than 8 days off, but also ensures that he pitches some of the most pivotal games against the contenders.