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Offense at the new Stadium

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All of a sudden you don't hear much about how easy it is to score runs at the new Yankee Stadium.

While it still has the highest homerun rate in baseball (allowing a whopping 39% more homers than an average park), it's only 13th in overall run scoring (tied with Angel Stadium).

And 13th is right about in line with the old Stadium:

From ESPN's Park Factor -

2008: 12th in scoring

'07: 16th

'06: 28th

'05: 1st

'04: 30th

'03: 19th

'02: 18th

'01: 33rd

If this list tells us anything (especially the fact that Yankee Stadium went from 30th to 1st to 28th in three years), it's that one year can't tell us how a ballpark will ultimately play.